vocational services

Vocational Consulting Services

As Certified Rehabilitation Counselors, Guillen & Guillen Associates offers services, which abide by the standards and ethics of the greater community of professional rehabilitation specialists. Our firm has extensive experience with vocational services, such as the Vocational Evaluations, Labor Market Survey, and Transferable Skills Analysis, as well as:

Vocational Evaluation

  • Medical and psychological analysis
  • Medical record reviews
  • Vocational counseling, such as assistance with job applications, resumes, interviewing, and job search skills
  • Job placement
  • Work tolerance evaluations

Transferable Skills Analysis

We specialize in working with individuals with disabilities, as well as individuals who are from different cultural backgrounds. We are proud to offer multilingual services to meet the unique linguistic needs of our clients by working closely with interpreters and translators when needed. During the past 20 years, we have successfully completed over 500 evaluations for individuals, who were located in the United States and abroad.

Navigating the Rehabilitation System

Our client engagements are based on our extensive knowledge of disabilities and our experience with culturally-informed interventions. We are equipped to provide a broad spectrum of services while recognizing the issues that accompany disabilities and promoting the community integration of all people. We provide expertise on legal protocols, including disability and cultural diversity laws, advocating for collaboration and partnership, and delivering critical tools that empower each of our clients to succeed as they navigate the complexities of the rehabilitation system.

Case Management

Guillen & Guillen Associates also provides case management support for our private and public partners. We write, implement, evaluate, and revise treatment plans and goals for our clients, with ease. Call on us to help you fulfill your case management needs.