Forensic Vocational Services

  • Workers’ Compensation Law

  • Employment Law

  • Family Law & Marital Dissolution

  • Personal Injury

  • Expert Witness Testimony

Attorneys, agencies, and private individuals call Guillen & Guillen Associates when they need a forensic vocational rehabilitation expert.Our firm conducts vocational assessments, labor market access evaluations, and transferable skills analyses, which can be used during civil and administrative proceedings. All of our actions are grounded in Workers’ Compensation Law, Employment Law, and Family Law, as well as our experience in vocational evaluation and rehabilitation. Our firm provides credible testaments in federal, state, and local courts regarding workers’ employability, placeability, and earning capacity.

Our clients depend on our forensic vocational rehabilitation expertise. Guillen & Guillen Associates is comprised of experienced multilingual Certified Rehabilitation Counselors. We take pride in our extensive education, certifications, and affiliations with industry associations, which help us stay up-to-date on vocational assessments, rehabilitation techniques, ethics, and laws. Our dedication to details, evidence, and human rights is exhibited during our work with our clients and while testifying in the court of law. For more than 20 years, we have partnered with organizations to deliver evidence-based and time-sensitive rehabilitation solutions.