Rehabilitation and Interventions

Rehabilitation and Intervention Services

Guillen & Guillen Associates offers rehabilitation services to ensure workers’ timely return to meaningful work:

Behavioral Health Interventions

  • Behavioral Health Interventions
  • Customized culturally competent and psychology-based intervention
  • Education and Training Sessions
  • Rehabilitation Counseling
  • Transition to Adulthood

Clinical Expertise

Our behavioral health interventions are grounded in our clinical expertise, including psychiatric assessments and our knowledge of mental disorders.We have extensive experience with clients with disabilities, such as learning, physical, and mental disabilities.Our work also includes serving clients who have Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, among other mental disorders. We are prepared to recommend the best rehabilitation program for each client.


Our work with youth is exceptional. Whether your young person needs vocational guidance, rehabilitation counseling, assistance transitioning into adulthood, or help navigating the rehabilitation system, Guillen & Guillen Associates has you covered. We have assisted youth, families, and schools for over 20 years.


Guillen & Guillen Associates recognizes each individual communicates in his/her own way. Over the past 20 years, our firm has worked with clients who speak different languages, including his/her indigenous language, sign language, and more. We are proficient in partnering with interpreters and translators to ensure we provide quality, cultural-specific services in the language in which the client is most comfortable.

Alternative Psychological Theories, Culturally-Informed, and Culturally Competent

Guillen & Guillen Associates respects each person’s cultural identity, heritage, ethnicity, race, age, and ability. Our firm creates culturally competent rehabilitation and intervention services by becoming culturally-informed. We take pride in learning about each client and his/her worldview to ensure we create the most effective and culturally-competent plan for each person.
Guillen & Guillen Associates applies alternative psychological paradigms to each engagement, including:

  • Acculturation psychology to consider the effects of adjusting to a new culture
  • Community psychology to identify how individual actions and education can transform communities
  • Cultural psychology to create interventions which cater to each client’s culture
  • Indigenous psychology to acknowledge the attitudes and behaviors that are native to an individual
  • Liberation psychology to develop culturally-specific plans for marginalized and oppressed communities

Individuals Who Have Recently Moved to the United States

Our services recognize our diverse communities nationally and internationally. We have assisted clients in Louisiana, Minnesota, Texas, and Washington, and internationally in Brazil, Ghana, Honduras, and Puerto Rico. People move for a variety of reasons, such as relocating for a new job, or as a result of unrest or war. Regardless of the reason a person or family has moved, Guillen & Guillen Associates has experience working with international clients to help them adjust to American culture. We specialize in the effects of acculturation on individuals, families, and communities.

Our Valued clients

  • Attorneys

  • Behavioral health facilities

  • Case managers

  • Federal and state government agencies

  • Individuals with disabilities and families

  • Insurance companies

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Physicians

  • Private employers

  • School and educational institutions