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Enhancing the well-being of every person To deliver expert clinically-focused and culturally competent rehabilitation, vocational, and intervention services for individuals worldwide, regardless of ability age, cultural identity, ethnicity, language, or race. Guillen & Guillen Associates has been honored to work with legalists, non-profit & profit organizations, case managers and families for over 20 years.

What Makes Guillen & Guillen Associates Unique

Guillen & Guillen Associates are experienced rehabilitation experts. What makes our firm unique?

  • Engaged in creating customized rehabilitation, vocational, and intervention services
  • Dedicated to cultures, ethics, human rights, and laws
  • Diversified, offering solutions to both public and private clients and families
  • Driven by evidence, certifications, and continuous education
  • Focused on mental health perspectives, which are clinically-focused and culturally competent
  • Proficient in child welfare, youth trauma and intervention, and the juvenile justice system
  • Multilingual, working comfortably with interpreters, translators, and unique linguistic needs

Magno Guillen, Ph.D., CRC, PVE, IPEC Executive Director

Magno Guillen, PH.D., CRC, PVE, IPEC has been delivering vocational and rehabilitation services for over 20 years. He is a rehabilitation expert, who has achieved his Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling from Minnesota State University and his doctorate in Cross-Cultural Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. He continued his education by completing the Forensic Vocational Rehabilitation program at the University of Florida. In addition to his education, Dr. Guillen maintains several industry-leading accreditations, including certifications as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC), Professional Vocational Evaluator (PVE), and International Psychometric Evaluation Certification (IPEC).

Dr. Guillen is dedicated to excellence of behavioral health, cultures, psychology, vocational assessments, and rehabilitation services to benefit his clients who have different backgrounds and healthcare needs. He is highly recognized for considering how a client’s culture effects his/her needs, delivering one-on-one support therapies, and providing client/family education.

Dr. Guillen consistently serves as an advocate for his clients to improve their quality of life and well-being. His customized approach to interventions allows him to meet the needs of both his English and Spanish speaking clients as well as a multitude of unique linguistic needs. To date, Dr. Guillen has proudly served hundreds of individuals nationwide, including in Louisiana, Minnesota, Texas, and Washington, and internationally in Brazil, Ghana, Honduras, and Puerto Rico.

Dr. Guillen gives back to the community and to the rehabilitation industry. In 2008, he served on the Community Defined Evidence Project committee. As a result of this assignment, a directory of culturally-informed and community-based interventions, mental health therapies, and outreach practices for the Latino community across the United States was developed. In addition, from 2015-2016, he served as a Board Member for Skils’kin, a nonprofit community-based rehabilitation agency in Spokane, Washington, which works with individuals with disabilities.

Industry Affiliations

Guillen & Guillen Associates maintains quality and ethical standards through its membership of the following industry affiliations.

Psychological Associations
  • American Psychological Association and the Divisions of Humanistic Psychology, International Psychology, and Rehabilitation Psychology
  • National Latina/o Psychological Association
  • International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychologists
Rehabilitation Associations
  • National Association for Multicultural Rehabilitation Concerns
  • National Latina/o Psychological Association
  • International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychologists
Vocational Associations
  • American Board of Vocational Experts
  • International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals
  • The Vocational Evaluation and Career Assessment Professional Association
  • Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Association


Guillen & Guillen Associates has shared knowledge with community members in the United States and abroad, with the intent of expanding how the rehabilitation industry considers cultural identity and developing culturally-competent interventions.

  • Vocational Assessment, Vocational Interventions and Job Placement Strategies with Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (Spokane, Washington)
  • Utilizing Community Resources to Promote Youth Mental Health (Anaheim, California)
  • Person First Language: What, Who, Why, When, Where & How – Best practices with People with Disabilities (webinar).
  • The Psychological Implications of Migration Among Afro-Latinos (Houston, Texas)
  • A Mixed -Methodology Approach: Vocational Evaluation (Texas City, Texas)
  • A Culturally Sensitive Approach to Expanding Mental Health Services (Veterans Administration, Houston, Texas
  • Implementing Alternative Psychological Practices: Exploring the Needs of Individuals from Diverse Cultural Backgrounds (Houston, Texas)
  • Indigenous Psychologies: A Strong Consideration for Garifunas with Psychiatric Disabilities in Honduras (La Ceiba, Honduras)
  • Developing Partnerships to Address the Needs of Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities (Houston, Texas)
  • Coming To America: Examining the Immigration Experience of Immigrant Youth from the Caribbean Basin and Their Mental Health Needs Within System of Care (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Addressing Youth Behavioral Health Needs through a System of Care approach (Washington, DC)

What is a rehabilitation consulting firm

A rehabilitation consulting firm serves many types of clients, including attorneys, schools, government agencies, insurance companies, physicians, other businesses, individuals with disabilities, and families. At Guillen & Guillen Associates, we offer forensic vocational rehabilitation services, other vocational services, career planning as well as clinically-focused and culturally-informed rehabilitation and intervention services. We specialize working with adults and youth with different cultural backgrounds and unique linguistic needs.