Guillen & Guillen Associates, LLC

A Rehabilitation consulting firm
multilingual rehabilitation experts

  • forensic vocational services

    Supporting individuals and organizations who need vocational experts to conduct assessments and give credible expert witness testimony during civil litigations

  • Vocational Services

    Conducting individualized and market assessments to help individuals achieve vocational well-being

  • Clinically and Culturally Competent Rehabilitation

    Dedicated to providing evidence-based vocational, rehabilitation, and intervention services for individuals who are of different abilities, ages, and cultural identities.

  • Multilingual

    We work comfortably with interpreters and translators when necessary to ensure each individual’s needs are met in his/her language.

  • Career Planning

    Inspiring individuals to achieve the jobs that will help them accomplish their highest potential


Guillen & Guillen Associates is committed to offering rehabilitation services, which are grounded in our clinical expertise, our experience with alternative psychologies, and our desire to deliver culturally competent solutions. We recognize each individual has his/her own life, different abilities, preferred language, and view of the world, making our solutions unique to each interaction. To date, we have proudly served hundreds of individuals in the United States, Brazil, Honduras, Ghana, and Puerto Rico. Guillen & Guillen Associates works with consumers who have different rehabilitation, vocational, and intervention needs. During each engagement, we develop customized solutions for all of our clients, including public and private organizations, individuals with disabilities, and families.